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My deviantART Story

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 9, 2014, 5:49 AM

I chose this drawing by my husband :iconberrysandcream: because my husband is very interested in space and because he puts so much passion in all of his artwork! He is doing artwork for just a few years and he improved his skills so quick :heart:

Face your fear by metalicangel

I chose this piece of art by :iconmetalicangel: because she's been a great inpiration with her artwork when I first tried to draw more professional pictures! Her style is very unique and this is one of my favorite artworks of hers.

BJD ball jointed doll  Summer's Garden Bunny A by cdlitestudio

This one by :iconcdlitestudio: I chose because she makes the most magical dolls I've ever seen! She's also a person to look up to and I wish there was more people like her in this world!

Home of the Gingies -side view by vesssper

This tiny, tiny gingerbread house by :iconvesssper: I chose, because it's a amazing miniature work and it shows so much love for detail. And all her work looks so real!!

TZP: Returning to Lon Lon Ranch by Adella

I decided to add this amazing photo by :iconadella: because it shows how real you can make fantasy look like! Additional to that I simply love the game Zelda!

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Is that legal?!

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 2, 2012, 2:44 PM

For about four weeks now I am an absolute etsy addict. Not only about my shop but also about other shops, products and so on.
I keep seeing all these (surely adorable) things like little selfmade Dorito bags, Starbucks Coffee cups, Mickey Mouses and so on. People usually make them with Polymer clay and make charms out of it. I love the idea BUT is it legal to sell these kinds of things?
I mean they're big brands, copyrighted etc.

Let's say I make a Mickey mouse phone Charm out of Polymer Clay and want to sell it on etsy.. could I get in trouble?!

________________________ _____ ____ ___ __ _ _ _

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Lets update that baby

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 26, 2012, 9:39 AM

First off I want to thank KylieKeene for updating my membership status!
Thanks a million, Kylie, for the premium account :hug:

I haven't been that active on deviantart last days and weeks because I was busy with an art contest and a (to me) big commission which you can look at on my website. It's the latest  entry and shows a bif painting of a bowl of strawberries, decorated with a few flowers, leaves and a be which my father in law named Charly (I hope I remembered the name right ;) ).

Beside the art projects I'm looking for a job because I finally got all the red tape done and I am now a resident of the United States of America :boogie:
It was a long process and I'm very happy it all worked out. My husband and me first thought it would be easier to get a greencard in America but it was about as complicated as for him to get a German visa. But it's alright.. now we got it over with and I'm very thankful to my family to help us through all the red tape.

Yesterday my husband, a friend and me went to the Renaissance festival. It was very inspiring and I think I'm gonna do more piratey and medieval looking art!

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Leaving Germany for good!!!

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 9, 2011, 7:16 AM

So I guess its official now since everything is set! :la:
My husband berrysandcream and I will be moving to Florida in August this year!

Theres ONE MORE exam that I have to pass and then I'm done with my apprenticeship. So please keep your fingers crossed, pray for me and everything will work out good! :)

Of course my feelings are mixed about that we move.
I lived in Germany all my life ..always moving, always far away from the loved ones.. but also always close enough to reach them by car in a few hours. When I move it will take a WHOLE DAY to reach them and it will cost at least ten times more! I mean I'm used to miss people since they live all around in Germany and further but I could always decide almost spontaneous when I wanted to visit them.. in future I will have to plan months before I want to visit them... aah its complicated but I think a few of you know what I mean!
And the culture.. hmh.. I love the German culture but I also love the american culture so I think that will work out fine! And of course I´m looking forward to see my american family and friends again!

Its so crazy! Three years ago Jacob and me didnt even know each other.. like three months later we met, fell head over heels in love with each other and today we´re married for almost two years, having big plans!

Before we knew each other none of us ever wanted to fly in their life and we both were like deadly afraid of flying (especially alone). Once I sat in the airplane (alone//8h non stop flight//layover in Chicago//first flight ever) I almost started crying because I was so excited and guess what?! I started TO LOVE flying.. I would fly everyday if I could!
Why do I tell you all that? Because I feel like it!
I love my life and I love how everything changed since I met Jacob :love:

I hope my cats are not mad at me about my decision and I really hope they will like it in Florida! I'm a little worried about them and their first flight but I will do everything to make their journey as stressless as possible! And Florida? Since they love summer and sunny weather I'm sure they will love it!

___________ _____ ____ ___ __ _ _ _

:bulletred: :kitty: :bulletred: By the way: If you want to shop in my etsy store - Everything is 50% off though a coupon.

:bulletred: :kitty: :bulletred:  The coupon code is 'FIFTY'

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oh my gosh ..the final exams

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 26, 2011, 7:42 AM

the final exams...

Besides the fact that I have a cold since christmas (!) I study alot for my final exams in May :la: Thats why I dont draw or craft so much at the moment but I stay at home for the rest of the week so I hope that there will be some time to draw, craft or finally update my website (which I already made a super cute design for).

It would be kool if I had a few more links to study about audiovisual media (VTR, camera, light setting, AVID editing and so on).. so if you know some helpful links Id be glad if you share them with me ( preferentially in German or English) :blowkiss:



Featured artist


:thumb196769921: :thumb195673909: :thumb187683420:

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Vacations / feline feature /

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 22, 2010, 2:11 AM

Yesss, finally I will have some days off again :la:
I so cant wait for Sunday! My husband berrysandcream and me will sit in one airplane non-stop for 10.5h (additional layover for 3h +1.5h for another flight) but its worth it! Because then we can spend two awesome weeks at my second home in Florida :love:

I have to find a way to kill the time in the airplane.. Im gonna buy some crosswords and definetly take pens and papers for my husband and me so we can draw.. maybe a good book. I know they always have movies but I can never concentrate on a movie when I sit in an airplane.
I am so hyper excited and cant wait to see my family in law again! :heart:
Plus a few weeks later (well around christmas time after some stress weeks at work) we will meet my family in the sweet south of Germany :woohoo:

huh brain fart.. oh well.

I thought I start some features in my journal!
:kitty: This time I will feature Cats :kitty:

basement c by vonrubinstein :thumb101285665: :thumb167019824:
Siberian Tiger (004) - tigresses by Sikaris Family Romp by hoboinaschoolbus Affection by KeldBach
Coronation in Color by hoboinaschoolbus scratch machine by ruijoao Kitty-mart 08 by hoschie
:thumb179348800: Thank YOU. Thank you... by woxys Rawr by XxDanniexX

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New born artist PLUS feature

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 29, 2010, 12:51 AM

_____ ___ __ _ _ _

With this Journal entry I want to introduce my amazing husband Jacob :iconberrysandcream: to :devart: a little more!
He re-joined deviantart a few days ago and he started drawing a few weeks ago! He improved alot pretty fast and he is drawing every day! I guess he found a new hobby with it and some kind of passion!
But since deviantart is such a big art community new born artists have hard times getting feedback and critique to their artworks :gallery:
So if you, my friends, have some time left please visit his gallery and give him some feedback!
He is very thankful to every single comment and writes comments in return!
Thank you! :blowkiss:

____ ___ __ _ _ _

Here a few pictures he drew:

:thumb180844206: :thumb180334660: :thumb176917134:

and his collab with metalicangel  :thumb175724454:

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While deviantART turned TEN...

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 8, 2010, 11:10 AM

...we had a 4-people-devmeet in Cologne with metalicangel and her fiance Sym, berrysandcream (my husband) and me! It was soo much fun and my fingers itch to write about it but my sweety wants the computer so I have to make it short ;)

Maja and me made a super cute birthday Fella for :devart:s 10th birthday with Fimo and some unique supplies!
HAPPY BDAY DEVART by metalicangel
It turned out so awesome, dont you think? :love:

Maja is a super creative, nice person and I so :worship: and love her :nod:

I hope more 'devmeets' like yesterday will follow!
Right now my husband colors a picture that Maja drew and he has alot of fun with it. I´m curious how the final collab art piece will turn out :nod:

___ __ _

edit: I  have to show you this -> my husbands artworks. He started drawing not to long ago and he improved pretty fast! I think now he enjoys art as much as I do! Here are some of his artworks! Check out his gallery! :love:
:thumb174605163: :thumb174605419: :thumb174608433:
___ __ _

s---n featured some of my artworks! Thanks so much for the support! I will find some time to give it back! :love:
___ __ _

memo to myself: Fix the vacuum cleaner! ;)

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Candy Candy

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 3, 2010, 2:34 AM

Today I logged into devart and checked my messages and saw that my sweet friend Maja commented on a cake.. I was like 'huh? I dont know that deviation' and got pretty curious. I clicked on it and it was/is a super cute cake badge :love:
Thank you so much Maja !
And thank you for the sweet heart warming message :hug:

For everybody that doesnt know her: Visit her gallery :iconmetalicangel:
She´s a really nice person and she's super creative! I've been 'stalking' her art for years!

____ ___ __ _ _ _

My husband just wrote me a message that he accepted two packages for me which means that I can follow my fimo obsession tonight.. I bought fancy fimo too like transparent fimo, glow in the dark fimo, sparkeling fimo and so on... to bad I sit at work :D

____ ___ __ _ _ _

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Leeflame needs a camera

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 27, 2010, 3:25 AM

As the title already says: I need a camera! I dont need anything hyper professional (unless you have some 'payable examples' ) but I need a camera to take halfway good pictures of my clay creations (I have a Funpix camera that i got for fifty bucks on ebay... i guess I dont need to tell you any more ;) )
Of course Im gonna use the camera for other pictures too (like for vacation snapshots or wannabe photography) but i think ill mainly need it for my clay creations.
So I need a camera that can take good macro pics.

So if you know a camera that I (a poor apprentice ;) ) can pay, tell me! :please:
Or if you have a good camera that you want to get rid of (because you bought a new one or whatever) tell me and we can talk about the price and all that!

I made some fimo cake again the last days but I smashed it against the wall because of the stupid dust thats floating around in my apartment :cries: I run out of fimo and have to buy new colors soon which will happen when I get my pay check... then hopefully I will be motivated again to create some sweet goodies :aww:

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some thoughts about deviantart

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 8, 2010, 1:48 AM

I think I just rediscovered deviantart for myself.

After a longer absence that definetely had a good reason I am back and busy in this community. I decided that I will continue supporting it even though some decisions of the staff members here really shocked me.
Long story short: One day I browsed the Daily Deviations and saw a pretty good drawn picture of an alien thing. I went to the artists gallery and saw a bunch of pictures that showed terrorism and racism (glorifying it). My knowledge about wars and political stuff is not that big so I asked my husband to write to deviantart with a few good reasons to ban that guy/delete some of his deviations.
The first time he didnt get an answer at all and the second time deviantart wrote back that they dont see terrorism in that guys gallery but honestly it was obvious! If you want to see that guys gallery write me a note and I will look for his profile again and send you a link.
So nobody does something and the guy can continue uploading his offensive pictures! Kids will find that kool that he is so bad and will get just as bad as him!
Well I hope that I will find the right words to write deviantart about that by myself.

But enough of that!
In the last days Ive been brwosing deviantart alot and found the 'Critiquable' gallery. I think that is an awesome part of deviantart. People that need help with their pictures or want to improve their drawing/photography/whatever-skills are definetely at the right place with the critiquable gallery.
Plus when you refresh that gallery its not already flooded with a hundred new pictures (like the main gallery).

What I also like alot is how deviantart upgraded the group-function.
Its probably been a while since they updated it but I think its a really nice thing that the groups dont look anymore like a usual member page. you can seperate it now and you can definetely 'that is a group'.
I also find it really nice that you can put a picture to a group by your own and all that stuff!

Yes I think deviantart improved alot and its fun again to be a part of this community!

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Back in Germany

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 7, 2010, 8:18 AM

My husband and me just came back to Germany after two awesome weeks in Florida ♥
I drew two acrylic pictures over there which is alot compared to how 'much' I draw here. I have the rest of this week off.. thats some time to finish some commissions and some stuff for school!

After that there will be hopefully some time left for my own projects which will be shown on here of course!

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I got married!

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 12, 2009, 8:21 AM


Alot happened since my last journal entry! I got married on the 26th of September this year to Jacob ( deathcomesarippin :heart: ) and he is the very best that ever happened to me!!!
We met each other on piratesonline last September and in April this year I flew to him (Germany -> Florida) and spent my vacations there. Long story short.. After I had to go back he came with me to Germany, we married, are happy as hell and he just got his visa for one year in Germany! :)
You should check his gallery on devart. He just started doing photography and he appreciates every feed back :)
_____________________   ______  ____   __ _ _ _

:thumb139679722: :thumb139577287: :thumb139577254: :thumb139577063:
_____________________   ______  ____   __ _ _ _

I just updated my website
Check it if you want to. Id be happy! There are still alot of bugs and sites that are not finished but my art gallery is already online. I have a few 'snapshots' and manipulations Id like to put on my website,, I have to pick some of the good ones and then the next update will follow!

I started drawing again after a long time and yeah I can exercise my new signature (since my last name changed :) )
So youll see something soon!

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back again

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 24, 2008, 1:03 PM

So my absence is over!
Now I live in a sweet flat in NRW/Germany and do my apprentice ship here. And finally I have internet! ♥

I´ll enjoy the moment, when I can sit down and take a look at all the great deviations of my watch list.

I also hope that I can some nice artworks of mine soon. My head is full of ideas.. they all just want to be drawn!

btw: Do you know the game piratesonline (dot com) ?
Tell me!


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I'm back!

Journal Entry: Sat May 10, 2008, 12:30 AM

Hey there people,
I just wanted to say: I'm back from Düsseldorf AND I got the job :boogie:
atm I feel like the happiest person in the world!

The two weeks were pretty nice and I´ve learned very much.
Thanks for all the messages, comments and faves... I´ll answer fast as I can :nod:


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14 days in Dusseldorf

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 25, 2008, 12:38 AM

Monday next week my two-weeks-long internship in Duesseldorf will begin :headbang:
I´ll have furnished apartment for this two weeks near my working place. I am so happy!
Wish me luck that this is the big step to a apprenticeship!

I guess I´ll have no internet this two weeks, except at work.. but I think I wont have the time to surf on devArt... but that doesnt matter because this job is so important to me and after the two weeks I´m back again... maybe :devilish:


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-----====== :t: :e: :r: :r: :e: :m: :o: :t: :o: ======-------

Friday - 29.08.

16:30 - 17:00 In Me
17:45 - 18:30 Paradise Lost  
21:15 - 22:30 HIM
23:30 - 01:00 Placebo
17:00 - 17:45 D-Flame & the K.P. Crew
18:30 - 19:15 Mogwai  
22:30 - 23:30 Gentleman & the Far East Band
23:30 - 01:00 Sum 41

Saturday - 30.08.

19:15 - 20:15 Staind
21:15 - 22:30 Foo Fighters
11:30 - 12:00 Electric 6
20:15 - 21:15 The Rasmus

Sunday - 31.08.

16:15 - 17:00 Monster Magnet
19:15 - 20:15 Limp Bizkit
21:15 - 22:30 Linkin Park
20:15 - 21:15 Beck
22:30 - 23:30 Die Fantastischen 4 unplugged

I saw these bands on the terremoto festival XD yayy it was so aaawesome there....

ill put some pics on my hp soon